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Wisdom is one of the greatest qualities that any human being can possess. Through this most desirable attribute, we are able to live happy, healthy, and successful lives. Generally, we do not learn wisdom until we are well along in years. Unfortunately, for many of us, the delay in attaining wisdom can be costly and can often limit our opportunities to achieve our fullest potential. However, this need not be the case when it comes to your children and grandchildren. If you are willing to take an active role in the transferal of wisdom to them at an early age, they can have access to all the wonderful blessings that result from possessing this highly coveted attribute.

 A Child’s Guide to Wisdom was designed to serve as a guide for parents in the transferal of wisdom to their children. This book offers a collection of 50 key principles in the form of easy-to-remember, common-sense-based definitions, intended to build character in a child by instilling in him or her important qualities that will result in a life of wisdom and success.

Even before the child is able to read on his own, exposure to the principles in this book through oral repetition, can provide tremendous benefit in the early shaping and development of the child’s character. For the older student, the book offers the parent or guardian a compensation system that may be used to motivate the reader to learn the principles.

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